m88网址ACCURL hydraulic shearing machine for Stainless Steel Bending Manufacturers

Modern 明升娱乐machinery

NowGomehas the most modern 明升娱乐machinery."It was important to us that they were manufactured in our own country.With the many years of experience we had with m88网址accurl machine,the choice was not hard.But the 110T 3200 cnc press brake and shearing machine 6x3200mm we wanted was not in the standard range.m88网址Accurl accepted this challenge and built a CNC press brake for us.Mr.Aviram Harel is highly satisfied with the purchase.
"Another m88网址accurl customer came here to see it.And they bought one too.The price-quality relationship is excellent.This is enhanced by the fact that it is an economic and high performance machine.We trust the machine and m88网址Accurl.If something is up,you get help right away."

The director is impressed with how the new press brake works on a daily basis."Before,we had more material rejected.After all,in stainless steel,you see the slightest dent.Now I get increased speed and better quality.Further,it is important that employees find the work much less heavy to carry out.Now each press brake has a set of bending aids.You can recoup the cost back in the course of time."
Production worker Mr.Janssen,who has been working at the company ever since 2009,is really impressed with m88网址Accurl's machines."This press brake is great.It's a fine machine to work with.You can see on the display exactly what is going to happen and it doesn't make a racket."

hydraulic shearing machine

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  1. israel soferOctober 3,2017 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Hay I form israel went to buy break oress and cutting machine who can get me m88开户service plaese

    • m88网址October 4,2017 at 7:48 am - Reply

      Hello Sofer:

      Thanks for you Comments!

      Please tell us your contact information,we will ask m88网址ACCURL Israel dealers to contact you soon.


  2. kumaranOctober 3,2017 at 10:57 pm - Reply

    what is m88网址Accurl's machines?…can u explain me..

    steel manufacturers in bangalore..

    • m88网址October 4,2017 at 7:51 am - Reply

      Hello Kumaran:

      Thanks for you Comments!

      We are the manufacturer of sheet metal 明升娱乐machinery like laser cutting machine,CNC press brake,

      So please tell us your contact information,we will ask m88网址ACCURL Spanish dealers to contact you soon.


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